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Developer Console

Omlet provides a comprehensive suite of development tools designed to help you integrate and expand your applications using our platform. Here, you can manage your settings, access API keys, configure webhooks, and utilize our SDKs for both PHP and JavaScript to streamline your development process.

Getting Started

Use the Developer Console to enhance your application's functionality by connecting with our APIs. Below are the key features and guides to help you get started:

SDKs for Easy Integration

Our SDKs provide the building blocks you need to integrate quickly:

  • PHP SDK: A comprehensive guide and toolkit designed to simplify the integration of your PHP applications with our platform.
  • JavaScript SDK: Enhance your web applications by integrating our JavaScript SDK, enabling seamless interactions with our services.
  • Python SDK: A toolkit and documentation to integrate your Python projects with your Omlet devices.

Both SDKs come with detailed documentation and examples to help you start integrating your applications without delay.

Managing API Keys

API keys are essential for interacting with our platform. Here’s how you can manage them:

  • Creating API Keys: Easily generate and manage API keys through the console to authenticate your applications.
  • Using API Keys: Learn how to use your API keys in our corresponding SDK's.


Webhooks allow you to receive real-time notifications about events happening in your system. Here's how you can set them up:

  • Creating Webhooks: Follow our guide to create webhooks for events you want to monitor.
  • Using Webhooks: Learn how to handle incoming webhook requests and process them in your application.

API Documentation

Explore our interactive API documentation to learn about the available endpoints, their parameters, and expected responses: