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Smart Autodoor Firmware Changelog

v1.0.32 – (Released 2024-07-09)

  • Resolved issue with time synchronisation not running on intended schedule
  • Added forced time sync after completing firmware update
  • Added the ability to trigger a time syncronisation remotely

v1.0.30 – (Released 2024-07-08)

  • Added setting for door blockage sensitivity
    • High – This is the standard setting for the new Smart Autodoor
    • Medium – This is a reduced level of sensitivity, closer to the level of sensitivity on the classic Autodoor
  • Updated calibration proceedure to automatically detect required sensitivity level for proper operation
  • Resolved issue with status in app not updating if status changes (e.g. Door open / closed) while wifi is not connected – status will be updated the next time the control panel connects
  • Resolved issue with stay alive functionality not working as desiged due to sleep countdown not being reset on receipt of stay alive message
  • Resolved issue with overnight sleep starting when on battery and wifi connection failed after restart due to time not being set
  • Resolved issue with control panel restarting if connection to server fails while door opening / closing – now waits until door has stopped moving

v1.0.26 – (Released 2024-06-28)

  • Resolved issue with mains powered control panels reconnecting to the server every 3 minutes

v1.0.25 – (Released 2024-06-26)

  • Resolved issue with coop light ignoring maximum on time setting and remaining on until manually turned off, or door closed (if night light is enabled) – draining the battery

v1.0.24 – (Released 2024-06-03)

  • Resolved brownout issue due to behaviour of motor drives at power on

v1.0.23 – (Released 2024-05-24)

  • Added the ability to turn off Wifi from the control panel menu, without requiring a factory reset. Retains Wifi settings to allow easy reconnection in the future
  • Resolved issue with timezone change not applying until after reboot by rebooting if the timezone setting is changed

v1.0.20 – (Released 2024-04-03)

  • Resolved issue with unlimited retries when crush detected while closing
  • Resolved issue with setting control panel language from the Omlet App
  • Resolved issue with Discovery Mode message not displaying after reboot

v1.0.19 – (Released 2024-03-26)

  • Resolved issue with battery showing 100% when <= 0%

v1.0.18 – (Released 2024-03-26)

  • Adjusted battery level calculation so that 0% is shown when the battery no longer provides enough power to move the door, rather than when it no longer provides enough power to run the control panel itself
  • Adjusted threshold for accurate detection of coop light

v1.0.17 – (Released 2024-03-18)

  • Control panel now retains IP address across sleep/wake cycles, allows for faster reconnection on waking

v1.0.16 – (Released 2024-03-16)

  • Resolved issue with control panel going back to sleep before it has had time to connect to the server and send/receive messaged
  • Removed reboot if wifi connection fails – control panel will now sleep and retry on the next wake cycle – constant reboot was causing battery drain
  • Added additional device type information in the provisioning process, so the app can display the relevant device type to the user during setup
  • Added coop light detection
  • Resolved issue with control panel not performing door/light action with press & hold if control panel was asleep
  • Resolved issue with Night Light setting causing the close time to be delayed when in time mode – light now switches on x minutes before the close time, rather than delaying the close time by x minutes

v1.0.15 – (Released 2024-02-27)

  • Resolved issue with Discovery Mode not exiting properly, resulting in wifi remaining active and draining the battery
  • Resolved issue with door calibration
  • Resolved issue with screen remaining on and preventing the control panel from entering sleep after waking to move door
  • Removed provisioning timeout when running on mains power
  • Resolved issue with timezone setting not applying
  • Resolved issue with overnight sleep not calculating correctly if starting sleep between midnight and the wake time (where sleep time is before midnight)
  • Resolved issue with door behaviour differing between control panels
  • Implemented a number of power management enhancements

v1.0.8 – (Released 2024-01-17)

  • First production release

Note: Some development only releases are not listed here. The associated changes are listed with the versions where they were made publicly available