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Installing the Smart Autodoor on an Eglu Cube Mk1

For detailed instructions and illustrations, please see the instruction manual included with the Cube Mk1 attachment kit

Step 1 – Loosen ladder screws

Loosen the four screws holding the ladder to the front face of the Cube. Do not remove the screws fully

To loosen old / rusted screws, apply WD40 to the screws and allow to sit for a minute. If this doesn’t help, use a steam cleaner or pour nearly-boiling water over them to warm up the screws and nuts, then suddenly pour cold water over them. The change in temperature should cause them to loosen.

Step 2 – Attach Bottom Mounting Bracket

Place the Bottom Mounting Bracket (014.1190) behind the bottom of the Autodoor, lining up the holes in the base of the door with the screw holes in the backet

Screw 2 x 800.0247 (found in the Mounting Bracket Fixings Pack) through the bottom of the Autodoor into the bracket

Slide the bottom mounting bracket behind the loosened ladder so that it rests on the ladder bolts and the door is in line with the Cube door.

Step 3 – Attach Top Mounting Bracket

Slide the side of the Top Mounting Bracket (014.1191) into the side of the Cube door opening, and rotate to align with the top of the door.

Use 2 x 800.0247 to screw the top of the Autodoor into the Top Mounting Bracket

Step 4 – Insert Door Infill

Insert the Door Infill (014.1192) into the space between the Cube door, and the Autodoor. Insert the door side first, and then rotate until the infill is level

Step 5 – Tighten ladder screws

Finally, retighten the ladder screws to hold the Bottom Mounting Bracket securely against the face of the Cube

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