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Smart Autodoor shows “Sleeping to save power” in the Omlet App

If your Smart Autodoor is running on battery power, than it will sleep to preserve battery life, and wake up to check in with our server to update the status and receive any commands you have sent.

By default, the control panel will check in every 10 minutes. You can adjust the sleep period using the Power Settings page within the Omlet App. The “Responsive” setting will allow the control panel to check in with the server every 30 seconds, which means it will respond quicker to any commands you send, but it will result in decreased battery life.

Tapping the status icon at the top of the door card, or performing an action will inform you of the time we estimate the control panel will next check in with the server

To save additional power, the control panel will enter a deep sleep overnight. This reduces battery consumption by not waking up and connecting to wifi during the times of day you’re unlikely to want to open or close the door. You can customise the deep sleep start and end times via the Power Settings page within the Omlet App. You can also completely disable the deep sleep if you wish, though we do not recommend this as it will significantly reduce the battery life

It is important to note that whilst asleep, the door will still monitor light level (if operating in Light mode), or keep an eye on the clock (if operating in Time mode) so that it will open / close as expected. Any commands sent to the control panel whilst asleep will be stored on our server, and performed by the door the next time it checks in. You can also wake the control panel at any time should you need to by pressing the Down button on the control panel until the screen wakes up

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