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Installing the Smart Autodoor on an Eglu Pro

For detailed instructions and illustrations, please see the Smart Autodoor instruction manual, and start at step 15 on page 24

Note: You do not need to remove the roof from the Pro to perform the installation, but you may find it makes access to the inside of the Pro easier

Step 1 – Remove threaded insert plugs

Remove the 4x 114.1189 threaded insert plugs from the threaded brackets on the inside of the front face of the Pro

Step 2 – Remove roosting bars and droppings tray

Slide out the door-side droppings tray from the rear of the Pro, and lift out the roosting bars above the removed tray

Step 3 – Move the roosting bar locating block

Unscrew the roosting bar locating block from the side of the Pro. Reinstall in the rear-most position. The screw should be placed through the hole marked 1 rather than 0. This locates the roosting bars slightly further back from the front of the Pro, and prevents them from interfering with the operation of the door

Step 4 – Attach mounting brackets

Screw 2x mounting brackets (014.1167) to the bottom two threaded brackets on the front face of the Pro. Ensure the open side of the bracket faces upwards to receive the bottom of the door, and the brackets are mounted as low as possible

Step 5 – Install Autodoor

Insert the bottom of the Autodoor into the 2x mounting brackets, and line up the top holes against the 2x threaded brackets

Use 2x 800.0179 screws to fasten the top of the Autodoor against the front face of the Pro

Step 6 – Route cable

Route the Autodoor cable downwards, and behind the cable management bracket, running it out of the bottom of the Pro

Step 7 – Reinstall roosting bars and droppings tray

Slide the droppings track back into the Pro, and place in the roosting bars

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