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Smart Autodoor shows “Offline” in the Omlet App

If your door shows as “Offline” in the Omlet App this indicates that the control panel has not successfully communicated with our server when we last expected it to. Follow the steps below to diagnose the issue

Check Power

  1. Press a button to wake up the control panel display, if the display turns on, move to Check Wifi
  2. If the control panel is running on mains power, check that the cable is not damaged and has not come loose. Check the outlet it is connected to is working.
  3. If operating on batteries, replace with a new set of good quality AA batteries

Check Wifi

  1. Navigate through the control panel menu to the Wifi option. It should display the name of the network it is connected to, alongside the signal strength. If the control panel is unable to connect “Fail” will be displayed instead.
  2. If the control panel is displaying Fail, use another device to verify that the wireless network is available. If it is, try moving the control panel closer to the access point. If this is not possible, you may need to move your access point, or purchase a range extender
  3. If the control panel is connected to wifi, check that the wireless network has internet access

If the device has power, and the wifi and internet connections are all working, but the device continues to display “Offline” in the Omlet App, please contact us for further assistance

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