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Installing the Smart Autodoor on non-Omlet mesh

For detailed instructions, please see the Smart Autodoor instruction manual, and start at step 45 on page 38

Step 1 – Cut opening into mesh

Using strong wire cutters or bolt cutters, carefully cut a 8″ (200mm) by 12″ (300mm) rectangle where you desire to position the door opening.

Step 2 – Assemble Mesh Mounting Kit

Using 4x 800.0291 screws, fasten the two side pieces (014.1183) into the top and bottom pieces (014.1182) of the mesh mounting kit. Ensure the holes in the top and bottom pieces face forwards / backwards, and are not on the top/bottom sides

Step 3 – Line up Autodoor

Line up the Autodoor with the opening in the mesh. Ensure no mesh is visible through the door.

For the safety sensors within the door to operate correctly, it is important that the edge of the opening is set back from the edge of the crush sensor by at least 0.2″ or 5mm

Step 4 – Bolt door to mesh

Using 4x 800.0179 bolts, 4x 810.0245 run washers, and 4x 800.0040 wing nuts, bolt the Autodoor to the mesh. Place bolts through the top holes in the door, through the mesh, and through the top holes in the mesh mounting kit. Then from the inside, side run washers over the bolts, ensuring the bent side is away from the mounting kit, and the tighten in place with the wing nuts. Repeat this process with the bottom holes.

After bolting the door to the mesh, double check the door alignment has not slipped, and the safety sensors are not obstructed (see Step 2)

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