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Smart Autodoor shows “Door Blocked”

A Door Blocked message suggests the door encountered an obstruction the last time it attempted to open / close. Follow the steps below to diagnose the issue

  1. Inspect the door, and ensure nothing is obstructing it, such as straw or bedding. If there is an obstruction, clear it, and then try to open / close the door
  2. If your door is mounted to an Eglu Cube, ensure you have moved the roosting rack to the rear most mounting position
  3. Clean the door, particularly around the crush detector bar, and the rails it travels along. Try to open / close the door
  4. Try recalibrating the door – navigate through the menu on the control panel to the Calibrate option, and press and hold OK. The door will close and open a number of times to perform the calibration. Once complete, open and close the door, and verify that it opens and closes fully
  5. Perform a factory reset – navigate through the menu on the control panel to the Factory Reset option, press and hold OK, then use the Up / Down arrows to change N to Y when asked if you are sure, and press and hold OK again to confirm. The control panel will restart, and you will need to configure the settings again, and re-link it to your app if you are using it in Smart mode. Recalibrate the door, and then test that it opens and closes fully
  6. If the issue persists, unmount the door from the coop, lay it flat on the ground, and try to open / close the door. If the issue is resolved, it is possible the door was slightly twisted when mounted previously – try remounting the door and ensure that the mounting screws are not over-tightened
  7. If the issue is still not resolved, contact us for further assistance
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