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Optimising the battery life of your Smart Autodoor

Whilst we recommend that you power your Smart Autodoor from the mains to get the best out of the product, it is possible to use battery power instead if you wish. We have included functionality within the control panel to optimise the battery life, and with the default settings out of the box, we anticipate most customers will see 2+ months of battery life, before needing to replace the batteries.

Use the right batteries

We recommend using only good quality AA batteries from a reputable brand. Most AA batteries will work, but lower quality batteries will likely result in a shorter battery life, and will need to be changed more often. Use only non-rechargable batteries, most rechargable AA batteries have a lower voltage, and will not provide sufficient power to run the control panel, or the motor that drives the door.

Check your power settings

You can see the power settings by tapping the Settings icon in the top right of the door card on the home screen, and then selecting “Power settings” from the menu.

By default, your control panel will be set to “Power saving”, this allows the control panel to sleep for 10 minute intervals in between checking in with our server for any settings changes, or commands from the Omlet App. This provides a balance between response time to your commands, and battery consumption

You can change this setting to “Responsive” if you wish, which means the control panel will sleep for a 30 second interval between check ins, making it respond more quickly to commands, at the trade off of lower battery life

The “Deep sleep overnight” setting enables the control panel to save additional power by not checking in with our servers overnight, while you’re unlikely to need to control the door. You can customise the time at which the deep sleep starts and ends via the settings on this page. The longer the overnight sleep, the more battery life will be saved.

We recommend setting the overnight sleep start time around an hour after you expect the door to close – this should give you sufficient time to let in any stragglers who have been shut out of the coop before the sleep begins.

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