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Understanding Smart device status

In the Omlet App you will see each of your Smart devices has a status indicator at the top of the device card. This will be either a Green, Amber, or Red circle.

Green – Connected

This status indicates that your device is online, and currently connected to our servers. It should respond almost immediately to any commands you send to it. For devices powered from the mains, this is the status they should normally be in.

Amber – Sleeping to save power

This status indicates that your device is sleeping to preserve battery power. It will wake up and connect to our servers periodically to receive any settings changes, or any commands you may have sent to it. Tapping the status icon will show a message informing you when we anticipate the device will next check in with our servers. For devices running on battery, you will often see them in this status – this is completely normal, and not a sign that anything has gone wrong. For more information, see our article about the Sleeping to save power state.

Red – Offline

This status indicates that your device is currently offline. We show this status when your device has not contacted our servers when we last expected it to. This could indicate an issue with the power supply, batteries, or internet connection. Please see our troubleshooting guide to understand how to resolve the issues

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